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Tender Programmes

Tender Schedule Preparation

Tender programmes have their own specific features as they are prepared from limited information in a very short period of time. We have successfully delivered various tender schedules which have ticked all the boxes for strict clients, leading to an instant approval of the tender schedules as the contract schedule. This means the schedules have been up to a very good level of quality in terms of detail, resources and logic. Clients have scrutinised our schedules and have approved them with confidence. When there is limited information, we have relied on our extensive experiences in various industries to fill the gaps. 

Basis of Schedule

In order to ensure clients that all the necessary detail has been observed in developing schedules, we usually prepare a Basis of Schedule which includes all mechanical aspects of the schedule, from calendars used to production graphs. 

Creative Methods

During the past years we have been able to apply creative methods in producing and communicating our tender programs to a wider audience who do not necessarily have the time or skills to read detail programs. Please visit our 4D & 5D Planning page to learn more.

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