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About us

Our small business is shaped around construction industry. We have passionately introduced new ideas on how to plan for jobs and how to communicate those plans. Every time we get involved with a project, small or big, we look for opportunities to do something different and to surpass ourselves in the quality of works. We are always competing against ourselves only and this competition is the force behind our "continuous improvement". We value hard work as well as finding smart ways to do everything effectively and efficiently. 

Our History

Rira Planning & Control was founded in March 2016. We have worked in a variety of sectors so far and we envisage more diversification as well as more involvement with respected clients. 

Our Logo

Our logo is the symbol of a Japanese aesthetics worldview called "Wabi-Sabi" which is based on the acceptance of the three facts below:


1 - Nothing is Complete

2 - Nothing is Eternal

3 - Nothing is Perfect


These form the basis of our every-day endeavour to define perfection as an ongoing path, rather than a destination. 

Our Team.

Founder / Planner

Tel:  +61 451 003 605

Amin Hadjaran
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