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4D & 5D Planning / Project Control

Tender / Baseline Stage

With the use of BIM and 3D models trending in the construction industry, we have been successfully visualising the construction methodologies through the project time frame in various sectors.


The process for an average sized project usually takes up to for weeks, starting with the development of the 3D Model and schedule concurrently. Once both are finalised and the costs for activities in the project are estimated, each element in the model will have its relevant cost and time allowance. The output file(s), usually in form of a video presentation, 2D PowerPoint presentation or an interactive file which can be opened using third party applications such as "Navisworks Freedom", will then be produced for the final submission.

Project Control

3D models can also be used during the delivery of the project to create visual reports as well as the normal tabular and Gantt chart ones.

4D / 5D Planning Process
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